Digital rebrand and website for the UK's leading learning disability charity

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The challenge
To coincide with a new brand identity, Mencap required a complete overhaul of its website. Mencap is a huge organisation with hundreds of local groups dotted around the country, but these groups were having difficulty finding useful content on the existing site, which contained enormous amounts of information, but was seemingly impossible to navigate.

In addition, the audience was split between professional care workers, policy makers, and the families of those with learning disabilities, but there was no clear delineation of content between them. There was also no content designed specifically for the disabled themselves.

The solution
Research and focus-grouping proved video to be an ideal content format for the homepage and key areas throughout the site. 70% of people with a learning disability have difficulty reading, so this also made complete sense accessibility wise. We completely redesigned the content taxonomy, and created a logical and much simplified navigation that quickly guided families and professionals to content relevant to them. We also created an area titled ‘My Life’ for people with learning disabilities; this area employs an even further simplified nav, and features primarily video content which we created specifically. More advanced users can toggle for text content.

Within six months of going live the new Mencap website saw a 56% increase in unique visits and a 39% increase in online donations. The site won the ‘Best Use of Web’ award from The Charity Times, the leading business and management magazine for UK non-profit professionals.

Role: Creative direction, design.
This project was produced with London based agency, Public Life.