San Francisco Center for the Book

Transforming a street fair into a means of engaging a new audience, and enrolling new members

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The challenge
Roadworks is the annual street fair of SFCB; a non-profit promoting the arts and crafts of the book through workshops, exhibitions, and events. A lack of brand and event strategy meant Roadworks was missing a great opportunity to generate interest within new circles, educate visitors about SFCB, and ultimately, to generate much needed revenue. The event was so poorly branded that partnering sponsor Whole Foods was the most visible brand, easily dominating both street entrances.

The solution
I was able to define a new, receptive audience that could be targeted without alienating current members or the more traditional audience, and devise an event strategy that took advantage of the popularity of festival style events. I created various elements for the different stages of the touch tree in order to; attract people to the event, entertain them while they’re there, have the means to educate them about SFCB, and to actively encourage sign-ups for workshops etc.

Role: Brand and event strategy, creative direction, design.