Southwark Council—Whatever

Branding, engagement campaign, and web portal for young people in London

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The challenge
Create a website for young people to discover activities, events and facilities available to them in their area. Interviews with young people in the Borough of Southwark showed that despite there being a wealth of options available, the common perception was that “there’s nothing to do”. The aim of the site was to dispel that myth, and to provide a portal where the young people of Southwark could find things to do that interested them. A huge problem in our minds, was to create something the youth would engage with, and feel a part of.

The solution
The name and brand ‘Whatever’ was created to set the site apart from the council and offer greater ownership to Southwark’s young people, who were involved in consultation throughout. This consultation was achieved through a reality TV style youth engagement campaign billed as “The Apprentice meets the X-factor via MySpace and YouTube”.

Auditions and online applications resulted in the formation of two youth teams who took part in workshops, brainstorming and creative direction of their own website proposals. These were then put to the public vote via the web, and the winning site went into production. This youth engagement was vital in generating interest and involvement as well as meeting the criteria of the governments ‘Every Child Matters’ program.

Role: Creative direction, naming, design.
This project was produced with London based agency, Public Life.